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6 days ago

Today we announced AIM for self-employed is available to lenders. Automated income calculation makes it easier & faster for lenders to underwrite self-employed borrowers. More info call me ... See more

2 weeks ago

If you have thought about home improvements, but don’t have me. If you have equity in your home and are paying mortgage me. If you have a large amount of credit card ... See more

2 weeks ago

Come on guys!!! I know you feel the same way

Okay guys just had to vent Girl Scout cookies=THE DEVIL

3 weeks ago

Happiness is the truth

3 weeks ago

LOANS LOANS LOANS! I have some examples of recent loans we have done or are doing:

1. I have a borrower with a High Balance FHA loan, loan limits increased so we are no longer a jumbo loan. She is ... See more

4 weeks ago
Mom Uses Social Media to Ask The Rock to Take Her Daughter to Her Special Needs Prom

One of my long time friends from the mortgage business. Let’s support this angel for her wish

EL DORADO HILLS -- It takes a lot of courage for any teenager to ask someone to their high school prom, but how about asking Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to take you? One Ponderosa High teen has ... See more

1 month ago
Daniel E Maybaum Answer Home Loans NMLS 93927

Big news!! AHL is launching a Loan Officer Spotlight series, featuring interviews with our TOP loan officers, who can offer insights and ideas to help you improve YOUR business.

We're kicking things ... See more

1 month ago
Photos from Amanda Rawls - Market Maven - Residential Loan Expert's post

Networking with these amazing business partners. 20+ years as the breakfast club! We are more than a business group, we are family. #networking #everydaywehustlin #relationshipbuilder

1 month ago

Love what you haven’t worked a day in your life ❤️ #lovewithallyourheart #loanswith❤️

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