LOANS! Some examples of recent loans we have done recently

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Whether or not this situations apply to you personally. I can make magic happen when it comes to getting loans approved and closed!

1. I have a borrower with a High Balance FHA loan, loan limits increased so we are no longer a jumbo loan. She is able to refinance payoff her first mortgage, second mortgage and a credit care and get 11K out, and keep her house payment the same!

2. Another is a Refinance that came to us from a Credit Union who was unable to do the loan. This loan was last fall and at that time paid off bills, had to go with an FHA and it still saved her money monthly…WELLLL now we are refinancing her (6 months later) into a conventional loan, removing the MI, and saving her $200 a month.

3. Another Refinance came to me from a past client, and we went over options. She had to do her due diligence and called another lender. After receiving his quote, she called me back …not only was my rate .875% better than his… she said she loved me from our first conversation. The feeling was mutual!

IF YOU, OR ANYONE YOU KNOW is needing a lender that will work for your best interest and love ya TONS, I’m your girl.

Call me, text me and let’s do this!

Amanda Rawls