Hi I'm Amanda Rawls!

Helping hearts, one home loan at a time! I'm a mortgage veteran of 24 years who is also dedicated wife, and mother of 5 wonderful angels. I'm passionate and value taking the time to explain the process of home ownership, refinancing and critical loan details. I enjoy walking my clients through the entire process in simple terms. I work hard to identify your wants, and help satisfy your needs by shedding light on any concerns you might have. I am grateful to be such a trusted partner in my clients life. I pride myself on being part of the family and will be your lender for life. I proudly thrive on referrals.

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"I'm grateful for the opportunity to help my community grow both personally, and professionally. I wake up every morning with a renewed passion of helping others."

Attitude of Gratitude..Our job is to be grateful for any and all situations that occur in our life. The darkness only makes way for the light..stay grateful!

Amanda Rawls - Market Maven

My Charity Of The Year

This organization holds a special place in my heart - click below to find out why.

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A Proud Sponsor Of 

I can't say enough about this cause - I will pay for appraisals and credit reports for Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, Military, Healthcare Professionals and Teachers who are so deserving!

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A Proud Partner Of 

The Veterans Advocacy & Benefits Association brings such value to these deserving individuals and I'm honored to do my part.

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